Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Have you seen this show?!

Secret life of the American Teenager, that I think they've reduced down to 'The Secret Life'?

I remember a couple years ago when it came out and I thought it would be a wholesome show, since it IS on ABC Family.... about a girl who gets knocked up (obviously I'm nieve).

I turned it on today (a few years into it I'm assuming) and watched for maybe 9 minutes and the ONLY thing that was talked about was sex! Literally. One girl said she wanted to marry a boy, but the girl she was talking to, was like, 'well sorry I'm sleeping with him', and the first girl said, 'well that is okay because he has to have sex with someone!' WHAT?!

Then it goes to her parents, who are also having sex, and then skips to her brother who has down syndrome and he wants to have sex with his girlfriend too. Pans over to someone's boyfriend who mentions that he wants to see a girl again after the first night he met her and had sex with her. He did then mention that he was a Christian and the girl said me too.... so we are sinners together, and gave that weird eye brow thing.

Okay, so is this the only thing this show is about????? Does anyone watch it?

I've totally lost faith in ABC Family if that's what this show is about.
I'm fully aware that there is a lot of junk out there, but I thought ABC Family was a good wholesome channel you could turn to when you wanted to get away from the filth? (I was actually trying to get away from the blood and guts of House for a moment).

This show is targeting pre-teens right? So I'm thinking 10-12 year olds, who will be thinking that the only thing going on in 9th grade is sex, everyone is having it, everyone is doing it, and its all anyone talks about. That it is okay to let your boyfriend have sex with other girls if he can't have sex with you? Wow...

What do you think? Am I overreacting in my shock?


  1. Oh ABC Family has the WORST teenage soap operas. They are worse than the regular ones. Basically there is nothing "family" about that chanel! You are not over-reacting at all.

  2. Yes I watch it and I too agree that sex talk is pretty bad. However Monday night was worse then I have every seen it. They didn't get very good reviews last season, so I think they are trying to be more "interesting." (This is the 3rd season)


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