Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Semester = Less Blogging

How devastating that I may now be too busy to blog 400 times a day. I had been getting pretty good about writing several at once and publishing them throughout the week, but now I'm all caught up and not blogging everyday. Shoot...

Since I'm pretty much brain dead, I'll just give you an update of my life. :) Fun, huh?


I'm working on week #3 of the 'diet'. This past weekend in Tallahassee I managed to turn down cake, TWICE! Am I strong or what?! I also only had appetizers with celery and not chips... good move. But today I ate pita chips... a lot of them... while deciding what non-carb/non-sugar meal to cook for dinner. They were screaming at me from the top shelf of the kitchen. Screaming I tell you! Anyways, skin still the same, maybe worse, or maybe just the same. I have managed to lose 5lbs while on this new lifestyle kick. And before you go thinking I've done something amazing, it does include the 4lbs I lost once and regained once, so I'm now 5lbs away from #7 on my list. (I should probably update this list since I'm creeping horrifyingly close to my end goal date of April 27th.)

For class this semester I have to turn in 5 tapes of me counseling, but I haven't gotten any clients yet. I am a little nervous about getting these clients since last semester my supervisor gave me every kid that walked through the door, this semester is a little different and individual therapy isn't as on top of the list since the counselor has SO many other duties. But, I'm only on week 2 at school, so I probably need to make it through 1 month before I start to worry.

I'll leave with you a few questions I would like answered:
1. Do you watch the biggest loser? (The reason I ask is because I'm dying to know what the red team girl does next week since she threw the weigh-in for the past two weeks)!
2. How about NCIS? Does it amaze anyone else that Agent Gibbs is not only an NCIS Lead agent, but also a hostage negotiator, a bomb-undoer (see reference above to brain-dead), a detective, an evidence locator, and possibly even superman???
3. Why does the bag of steamed broccoli come with 50% stumps? Does anyone actually like broccoli stumps?!
4. Why did the State of Alabama send me a 1099 today for my refund I received last year? Didn't I already pay taxes on this money?!


  1. Yes, I watch the biggest loser, obsessed is more like it! :) The red team girl is only hurting herself by not losing weight. She was safe the one week so ok, I understand not losing alot of weight so you can drop it the next week, but then to throw the weigh in AGAIN because you think you're partner lost enough weight for the both of you?! Crazy. And then to lie about it is even worse. She made me so mad last night. If they drop below the yellow line next week, I bet she'll be going home because she's making enemies there by the way she's "playing the game". Ahh, sorry such a long post!

    And good for you for sticking to that diet! Carbs and me are like BFF's so I don't know how to give them up like that! I'm starting my late New Year's goal on Monday so I'll be cutting them out of my diet big time. I'm nervous! lol

    Keep up your good work :)

  2. I'm proud to report I'm buttoning my pants again! OK, so they are a bit snug, but their buttoned, alright? And I've missed your daily blogs... When you were gone for 2 days there, I got worried... I wish I was joking. I look for your new posts first!

  3. Those snacky food do scream out for our attention don't they?! Good luck with the weight loss. If you ever want to walk with someone, just give me a call...I need to do it to! As far as the 1099, I think it's the stupidest waste of paper. No one needs it and it has no bearing on what you will need for this year's tax returns.

  4. It sounds like your doing pretty good on your diet! Keep it up!!


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