Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mr. Sandman

Yesterday's 5QF asked if you had any recurring dreams. I immediately thought about a nightmare I've had over and over since I was a child, but then today I had another recurring dream that I completely forgot about:

I'm back waiting tables and there are SO many tables that I can't get to, its like something always keeps getting in my way and I'm SUPER stressed the entire time. I'm trying and trying to get to these people and take their order, I see their scowls and hear my boss yelling, but I just can't get there... This is an all-night event too, I usually wake up VERY stressed out and exhausted, but incredibly thankful I am no longer waiting tables.

Another one that often enters my peaceful night of sleep (I wouldn't actually call my sleep ever 'peaceful', but more on that in a minute) is where I am standing on something VERY small about 1000 feet in the air. It is usually wobbling and I'm holding on for my dear life. Talk about stressful... It is horrifying and has given me a fear of heights that didn't used to exist.

So about the peaceful sleep. It doesn't quite exist. We sort of have a running joke around my house because I come home with new pillows all the time hoping that the new one will be 'the one'. But, I've still yet to find it. I am a toss & turner. I often wish that my arms would detach for sleeping purposes because I wake up tingling with pins and needles from my arms falling asleep (rather ironic). Or if I'm not tossing and turning, I'm making my 'sleep wrinkle' worse. What is a sleep wrinkle you ask? Its a line that I have begun to have on my face. Go look in the mirror and squish your cheek towards your nose... you see that line that forms next to your nose???? I'm getting a permanent one because of the way I sleep!!!!! How terrible is that?! So to add to my constant uncomfortableness I now have anxiety all night that I am sleeping the wrong way and making my sleep wrinkle worse....

I read somewhere a girl's must have list. It said, a great mattress, bedding, pillows, etc. So this is my new mission. I'm almost to the point where I will pay a few thousand dollars for the secret trick to sleeping. I have an amazing mattress (Sealey True Form), but I need a pillow and bedding to add to it.... and possibly some training on how to sleep successfully!

Any suggestions?
Are you a stomach, back or side-sleeper? (If you sleep on your side, what on earth do you do with your arms?!)
What kind of pillows or bedding do you have? (I'm in love with these right now.)

Goodnight ;)


  1. That waitressing dream? I STILL have it, and I haven't served tables in 2 years... UGGG!

    And an amazing bed is the one thing I will always spend money on. I'm a horrible sleeper too, so I try to make it as easy as possible!

  2. i am also a horrible sleeper. i recently started going to an acupuncturist and for the first time in my life i have had two weeks of great, amazing, life changing sleep. i can only eat steamed vegetables and rice for dinner and i can only drink water, juice or barley tea during the day. i was skeptic but it has worked like a charm.

  3. Sometimes I have fabulous sleep, other times I can't get comfortable for the life of me. I sleep on my stomach or side most of the time. When I'm on my side, I HAVE to be holding a pillow, usually a body pillow so it's long enough to fit between my legs. It makes my back feel a lot better. I also use a down comforter and I love it because it's so squishy. I hope you get some good sleep soon!!

  4. Have you started sleeping with a pillow between your knees yet? It works wonders:)


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