Monday, January 11, 2010

Movie Review: It's Complicated

I don't go to the movies often so these won't be too frequent, but my mother and I went to see this movie yesterday. The commercials made it seem like it was pretty funny. I'd give it 2 out of 4 stars. It was rather slow and the best parts in the movie were when you saw this guy:

John Krasinsky, he is just HILARIOUS! The movie didn't show him enough, but I guess that is fair since he really wasn't a main character in the story line. Also, Alec Baldwin's voice got VERY old after about 20 minutes. Its just so raspy... I wanted him to clear his throat and talk a little clearer, but it never happened. Also, Steve Martin is not a main character either , but was rather boring in the movie, which I was a little disappointed with, but again, I think that was the intention. It has a decent ending, in case you want to go see it. All in all, I'll probably forget that I saw this movie one day and wouldn't go see it again, but it made for a decent Sunday afternoon.

If you have seen it, I'd love to know what you thought.


  1. hello donora! given the triplets and all, i'm afraid it's been quite sometime since we've seen a movie. check that, we watched Imagine That with our 8yo the other day, but you know what i mean. it's been a while since we've GONE to a movie.

    oh well. at least i can read reviews like yours, right?

    if you ever sneak by my blog and leave a comment, you must tell me one thing, my friend. are you, by chance, an Alabama Crimson Tide fan? hmmm?

  2. Hmmm, a lot of girls and I were going to go see it. I'm glad that we didn't now!

  3. I must say that I didn't really enjoy the ending of the movie.

  4. I have a (not so) secret crush on John Krasinsky. A friend went to New York and came back with a t-shirt for me that says "I [heart] Jim" and has a big picture of his face on it. Sometimes I wear it to work... I'll have to take a picture of it for you! :)

    (and there was yet another lame fact about me)

  5. Oh my gosh! I LOVED that movie! Jess and I went and we laughed so hard. I was sad with the ending...I wanted them to get back together!

  6. I liked the ending, I did NOT want her to get back w/ tubby raspy voice... steve martin anyday... i guess i just ruined it for everyone. well, not me... Ivy ruined it for everyone. :)


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