Friday, January 8, 2010

'How's that diet going' you ask?

Okay so maybe nobody really asked.... But I'm going to tell you anyways.

If you don't know, 6 WHOLE days ago I started a 'change the way I eat' diet. You can read about that here. And its gone pretty well so far. I've had a salad at least once a day all week. (Side note: I would not recommend getting over eager, eating two salads in one day and upping your daily fiber intake from 10% to 700% of the recommended value too quickly... it does not end well!) I have had carbs, but they were in the form of this Kashi cereal. If you look at the ingredients, its very whole products and has protein AND fiber! Its also sweet and carby tasting so I'm not dying over here from not eating anything but fruits and veggies all week.

Side note: Remember I had NO idea what I would eat for breakfast? Well I made spinach omlettes a few days this week! Never in my wildest dream did I think I'd ever put spinach into eggs...yuck.... but I did and I was pleasantly surprised. (This is fresh salad spinach by the way, not goopy canned spinach.) I also bought things to make fruit smoothies as recommended by my friend Jeris. I'm going to attempt those tomorrow b/c Ben begged to make them every morning and said he was going to make 32oz. like at smoothie king, which made me FREAK (because of the cost of all these ingredients and a week's supply would be gone in a slurp!).... so smoothies are off limits until I can supervise his serving sizes.

I've also kept a little bag of peanut butter crackers in my purse all week in case of a meltdown (I'd much rather have a melt down on those than 5 or 6 bite sized candy bars that are staring at me from the office fridge), but the crackers are still there, untouched. Woo!!!

As far as diet goes, I am thinking that IF this clears my skin up that it will take a good month or two to see changes. One of the medicines I used to take for my face (Spironolactone) took about 2 months to make a difference, so its reminded me I have to stick to it for at least that long before I can expect any changes.

I've decided to adopt the mentality that I'm 'allergic' to too many carbs and sugar (I don't think I'd survive: NO carb, NO sugar). This thought of being allergic helps me steer clear of them and remember they have several side effects that I'm trying to conquer, terrible skin being one of them.

I also had my regular chemical peel yesterday. Have any of you had these? This is my 7th or so one in a year, but I think I'm just now starting to figure out how to make my skin benefit from them. I am SO thankful that my insurance pays for them because of my skin history too! A chemical peel is NOT fun while you are getting it and is quite painful, but it does give my skin a chance to start anew every 7 weeks. It doesn't have long-term affects of clear skin though - one downfall.

So that's that, wish me luck on another successful week next week! I'll be off to Tallahassee next weekend for some family fun, bridal showers & parties, so I'll have to really get in the mind-frame, I'm sure there will be cookies and crackers everywhere!


  1. Keep at it lady! Hormones and skin changes are so inter-twined (believe me, I have seen my skin flair up the last year like I never expected!) and you will see a difference. I was supposed to start my new "healthier-more-prepared-for-baby-stronger-all-those-good-things" diet on Monday, but somehow got roped into making baked mac and cheese for a party, and I have this thing about starting diets or new eating plans on Mondays (I'm weird like that, but once I start I usually have pretty good will power) so... Starting next Monday I guess. Then, you and I will be in the same boat! I always think the first 2 weeks is the hardest though, and you're almost half-way there!

  2. Cutting out the carbs and sugar and drinking a lot of water helps my skin problems a lot. But it does take a while to get all the impurities out of your system. Sounds like you are doing great!


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