Thursday, January 7, 2010

What fire alarm?

I thought you should meet Ben. He's rather fun. However, he is VERY unphotogenic (new word). Seriously, for such a handsome guy, he just cannot take a picture! I have fought and fought with him. He can be stone-cold sober and takes a picture like he's been drinking for 4 days straight. Or its his tongue... he can't keep it in his mouth if a camera comes out.

Tonight he is out in his beloooved garage working on his even more belooooved buggy. He set the fire alarm off for the 17th time this week (very fun, let me tell you!), so I decided to go out and ask, "honey, what exactly are you doing?" (in those very kind words of course, who cares if the fire alarm goes off 4 times a day... not me!) Meet Ben:

Look VERY close here and you can see his 4-day-drunk face. ...Sigh.... He would be VERY happy if he ever read my blog to know that I put pictures up of his buggy. One day it will be back up and running and I'll have fun pictures to post of us rock crawling. See # 19.

But I can't let it all be unphotogenic... here is normal, handsome Ben:


  1. Your dog looks EXACTLY like mine! Do you know what mix she is? We've always been curious to know what ours is.

  2. Brandi, she is a Jack Russell/Beagle or Doxie Mix. Her mama was a full blooded JRT and I was told the next door neighbor had a full blooded beagle. She had two sisters, one white and one black. Funny! I'd love to see a picture of yours!! :)


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