Monday, January 18, 2010

Road Trip Interuptions

Ben and I left right after I finished school Friday and headed on our way to Florida. We made it to the ramp of the second interstate on our way, fervently trying to avoid traffic when a car a couple vehicles ahead rear-ended someone pretty badly.

Well the two cars in front of us swerved around and continued on their merry way, Ben attempted to do the same, but the guy who caused the accident was throwing things from his vehicle and climbing out of the passenger side of his vehicle as we slowed by. I made Ben roll the window down (big mistake) and ask if he was okay. He mumbled something and I realized I went to high school with him! I called his name but then saw that he was probably not with it 100% and realized why he was throwing things from his car, I'm glad he didn't hear me say his name. Hmm....

So Ben pulls over and the man that got rear-ended is FURIOUS. Ben jumps out and tries to calm things down as I called 911. While I was calling I notice the accident-causer throwing things into the woods, so I made a mental note of exactly where he was standing and what it looked like he was doing.

The police finally show up and Ben takes them down to the woods to find the 'tossed items' (I really had no idea what they were at the time) and poor detective Ben is trudging through waist high brush with the cop, I realize they weren't in the right spot that I made a mental note of, so me and my cowboy boots go down there too and help with the cause.

At this the cop says to us, just let me know if you find anything but don't touch it! and leaves us in the brush! Um.... what?! Maybe we were so stealth that he didn't realize Ben and I did not go to evidence-locating school. So I told Ben I'm getting the heck out of here and headed back to the car.

The cop meets me at the car and asks for my ID since I was a 'witness'. I explained to him that he should probably get my husband's instead but he said he wanted mine since I 'saw him throw crap in the woods' and then I debated on telling him how I interned a whole lot and worked a few jobs and lived pretty far away and that I went to high school with the 'alleged drug abuser/car accident causer' and really didn't want him to show up at my house and threaten my life causing me to move to Arizona and go into witness protection.... but I didn't think he'd care so the cop took my license.... FAAABULOUS....

Anyways, an hour later we finally get on our way to move a few inches into the now 5 o'clock traffic that has been building up while we were investigating... Ben tells me that it was needles the guy threw out of his car and he had stood over one until the cops got there so the guy couldn't pick it up and throw it in the woods.... GREAT! We were searching for needles?! I assumed I was searching for a half-empty bag of pot or something.... ICK!!!

In the end, Ben and I are taddle-tales, accident causer went to jail, and old guy left with a very bruised and beaten brand-new truck.


  1. How crazy, I guess something to laugh about later though, right?

    You have such a cute blog & you and your man are adorable :-)

  2. Crazy, how we get ourselves into things like this. The strange part is you went to school with the guy. Hope it didn't ruin your trip.

  3. I love your thought process. I would be standing there thinking the exact same things ("Wait, you mean my being a good semaritan could wine up with me being KILLLED... Great!") Totally just had me laughing this morning. And I would be freaking up if I saw some guy I knew once upon a time throwing needles out of his car. Random... Good luck at that 10 year reunion (assuming you haven't already had yours yet!) :)

  4. Good job for being a good citizen, unlike all the people that cruised on by.

  5. instead of moving to arizona, how about just dothan? he'd never find you here! :)

  6. i've decided that you two are my favorite young couple whom i don't actually know. your heroic search that rendered heroine needles, in spite of having not attended even one single class of any accredited evidence-locating school, sealed the deal. props to you both, my friend.


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