Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Delay

Here in Alabama it snows maybe once a year and usually it all melts within 3 hours. Our favorite weather man, James Spann, has been reporting snow alllllll week, that might even stick!

LOTS of hype.

So today was the day!

It started snowing around 10am.

Snowing pretty heavy!!

It was SO fun!

...for about 32 minutes.

That was it.

Class tonight was canceled, we left work at noon (still anticipating more snow) and I was in my pajamas by 1 (When I was a teenager, I NEVER understood the people who wanted to get in their sweats by 4, couldn't wait to take off their bras or refused to sleep in a thong......anyways, I've reached that day. I just want to be in my gym clothes all. day. long.). So now I start my internship on Monday without having been to my class first (I really prefer to know exactly what is expected of me before I begin things). But oh well, it is VERY nice to have a day off.

1 comment:

  1. I hate how we NEVER get snow days, even though it ALWAYS snows... makes me sad inside! And, I became one of those women who cannot wait to get home, take off her bra, wash her face, and put on sweats a long long time ago. It's pretty much my favorite pastime!


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